Adonis Software Joins Clutch’s 2018 Coverage of Top App Developers in Romania

Since being included in Clutch’s research, Adonis Software is incredibly proud that we’ve been able to rise above and prove our abilities as a quality mobile app development and IT strategy consulting company in Romania. For those who yet don’t know, Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform for companies that offer IT services, web […]

watercolors featured app store

9 steps to get your app featured on the App Store

Our first gaming app, Watercolors, was featured by Apple two days after its launch and reached over 1 million downloads in the first two weeks because of it. How did that happen? Is there any luck involved in getting featured? Maybe, but there is definitely a lot you can do to improve your chances significantly: […]

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How to get your app covered by press (step by step guide for a measurable process)

The good news is that there is a way you can promote your app without having to spend a dime. We did it with Watercolors and got covered literally by hundreds of publications among which Business Insider, Washington Post, The Guardian and many many others. Here’s exactly how we did it: 1.Prepare your marketing materials […]


5 things you should know before hiring a mobile development team

So you have this perfect mobile app idea. There’s nothing like it out there. You know it’s going to be successful, you can even see yourself refusing offers of millions, have your brand new headquarters in Silicon Valley and changing thoughts with Zuckerberg… but wait… you don’t have the skills to code it. Inevitably you […]