Think of Kure as WhatsApp, but where chatting is done through forms and under predefined workflows. Our client is Kare Partners, a healthcare company that operates across the US offering home-therapy services.

About the app

Kure is a free and secure messaging application platform. What sets kure apart is the ability to add visual workflows to facilitate communication between small and large teams. Kure workflows, are saved permanently for future audit and reporting, provide structure to messages, reduce typing, create consistency and transparency, and maintain data history. Current workflows are used as demonstrator in the healthcare cardiac emergencies


Probably the most complex healthcare app we have ever worked on. With Kure, we joined a very big team spread on three time zones. Kure pivoted quite a few times since its inception, so each new line of code carried a heavy weight. However, we couldn’t just refactor such a huge platform, as time to market would have been too long.


We had to do a thorough analysis and agreed with our client to only refactor the parts that were essential, so that we could restore the performance and scalability for the new direction the app was pivoting towards. We are very happy with the results we managed to achieve. Kure can now continue the road to achieving its mission.

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