If Revolut and WhatsApp had a baby together to carry the torch of communication and money transfers in the future, then that would certainly be Moneymailme, one of the hottest fintech startups in Europe.

About the app

Moneymailme helps you keep in touch with your friends and send and receive e-money instantly, all in one simple app. The app allows you to video chat with cash transfer capabilities, chat and send files with your contacts, send and receive money in 6 different currencies: GBP, EUR, USD, CHF, PLN and ZAR, withdraw to account, donate to charitable causes, and more.


Moneymailme is a project that was already partly developed when it came to us. It’s never easy to work on somebody else’s code. We had a brief time to familiarize ourselves with it and start developing additional features. Security, fluency and scalability are essential for a platform with hundreds of thousands users.


Even though we worked under our client’s remote management, we adapted pretty quickly, and helped the app’s success increase, leading it to becoming one of the hottest fintech start-ups in Europe. The client required more resources from our side, and we keep working in a trusted long-term partnership.


We feel honored and excited having our team helping with the mobile development of this amazing platform.

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