With Restograf you can book a table at most restaurants in Bucharest in literally 3 taps.

About the app

Not only that Restograf is the best app for users to check best restaurants in Bucharest, see reviews, and easily make an automatic reservation in 3 taps, while getting instant automatic confirmation, but it’s also an incredible restaurant management platform.


Our challenge with Restograf was definitely the web restaurant interface, which is much more complex than the actual mobile application. Restaurant managers were supposed to be able to graphically arrange tables and seats within the interface and reservations were supposed to be automatically assigned without human input.


Beside developing an extremely easy to use drag and drop interface for restaurant managers to arrange tables and seats, we’ve developed a smart algorithm that would automatically allocate people strategically to tables based on the number of people attending and their desired preferences. The reporting section is also extremely well thought and helpful.


As for the mobile app, just try it. It’s literally a pleasure for the eyes, mind and fingers to use it.

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