Naiss – Mid-term renting in Bucharest

Naiss is the place you can rent accomodation by month in Bucharest. If you need a home for more than 1 month this is for you. You get the best deals, as renting by month is a lot cheaper than using rent by day platforms.

About our client

Naiss is one of our in-house projects, which started out from our own need. It started as a hobby project, but soon developed into a business in itself.


We knew from the start that we’re addressing to a niched market, more precise to those who need accomodation between 1 – 11 months. Nobody wants to rent a place for a full year if you only need a home for several months, and nobody wants to pay a rent by day price for a few months, which is highly expensive. So our target audience needs to make a realistic impression, and fall in love with the place right from the app. We knew we had to put more emphasis on each property, rather than having a full list that bombards your eyes and you can’t really focus on any property.


So we’ve implemented a swiping mechanism where each property gets to be fully displayed on the entire screen. A very good filtering system was needed to make sure that the user browses easily and only gets to see homes within their preferences.


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