Top 3 pay per minute audio/video/txt chat software solutions

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best pay-per-minute chat solutions available for businesses and individuals, focusing on their unique features and offerings.

  1. Loki – Ideal for Businesses with Custom Branding Needs, Loki stands out as an excellent choice for businesses seeking branded white label solutions and SDK integration. They offer various white label plans, and upon purchase, their team can be hired to provide maintenance and develop custom features tailored to your business model. With Loki, you’ll get both mobile apps and a web solution, ensuring a seamless integration with your website if you have one. While Loki caters to businesses, it can also be used by individuals or teams who don’t require their own branding. Registration is free, and the platform only deducts a 10% commission from your revenue. Alongside paid per minute instant calls, Loki provides additional features like fixed price bookings, automatic invoicing, call recordings, discounts, and comprehensive reporting
  2. – If you’re an individual looking for a pay-per-minute chat solution without the need for custom branding, could be the right choice for you because of their widget integration. While Loki offers integration with your website through buttons or a list of consultants, provides a user-friendly widget for easy implementation. However, the platform’s commission typically hovers around 25%, and it’s worth noting that they offer a web-based solution without dedicated mobile apps.
  3. Minutizer – Monetize Skype Conversations with Ease Minutizer serves as a valuable plugin that allows you to monetize your Skype conversations. This solution is particularly useful for those already utilizing Skype and looking to generate revenue through their chats.

In summary, these pay-per-minute chat solutions cater to different needs. Loki excels in providing branded white label solutions and SDK integration for businesses, while offers a straightforward option for individual users. On the other hand, Minutizer focuses on enabling monetization for Skype conversations. Choose the solution that aligns best with your requirements and objectives to enhance your chat-based communication and revenue-generation capabilities.

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