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Naiss – Mid-term renting in Bucharest

Naiss is the place you can rent accomodation by month in Bucharest. If you need a home for more than 1 month this is for you. You get the best deals, as renting by month is a lot cheaper than using rent by day platforms.

Pay Per Minute

'Loki: PayPerMinute Calls' is the best solution for billing your customers for online coaching, therapy, technical support, medical or legal consulting, after sales, psychic or astrology services, training or advice via audio or video calls. Install the app, log in and start charging for your time and services! Or contact us for a white label solution!


With Restograf you can book a table at most restaurants in Bucharest in literally 3 taps.


The app is used to livestream real estate auctions. You can bid online in real time and get yourself a new property. The app was built for an Australian client.


A loyalization app based on beacon technology used in Bucharest's shopping malls. Beacons are installed in partnered stores, so the users can get discounts and awards when they visit the retail locations of those specific brands.


If Revolut and WhatsApp had a baby together to carry the torch of communication and money transfers in the future, then that would certainly be Moneymailme, one of the hottest fintech startups in Europe.


The client was a provider of glucose measuring devices. Accuchek was developed for caretakers of diabetes patients to be able to remotely check glucose levels of the patients in their care. With the app, they can also check if the patients took their medicine and call for medical assistance in case of emergency.


Gamblewise is a solution for gamblers to track the time they spend in casinos. The app uses Beacon technology to detect the users entering and exiting the casino.


yooSend is a combo between Whatsapp and Dropbox, taking file transfer to a new level. Easy file transfer, share files of any type and size with yooSEND.


Bizfit is a project management tool for Salesforce teams which keeps track of their work and generates reports. The app uses Salesforce and Outlook integrations.

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